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Levels of Membership

Membership in the Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling (MACAC) is by institution, with one member of the institution designated as the Primary Member. When an institution joins MACAC, all members of the institution’s staff are included in the membership as Secondary Members and receive all the benefits and services of the association.

Membership categories include:

    Michigan Secondary School Membership (Voting) - $60
    • Individual secondary schools in the State of Michigan
    Michigan Higher Education Institution Membership (Voting) - $100.00
    • Accredited two- and four-year degree-granting colleges and universities in Michigan represented by an officer charged with responsibility for admitting its students.
    Michigan Independent Counselor/Educational Consultant/Agency/Organization (Voting) - $75.00
    • Non-school affiliated persons or organizations whose aims and objectives are in the opinion of the Executive Committee aligned with those of MACAC.
    Retiree (voting) - $25.00
    • Individuals who were actively engaged in providing counseling, admission or financial aid services at one or more MACAC member institutions for an aggregate of at least 10 years and who are (1) age 65 or over or (2) deemed retired under the retirement program of the last such institution employing such individual and who are not otherwise employed.
    Associate Membership (Non-voting) - $150.00
    • Any non-Michigan institution, organization, or individual
    Graduate Student (Non-voting) - $15.00
    • College students seeking careers in counseling, admission, or financial aid services