The MACAC Maggie Miller Scholarship

Maggie Miller, a school counselor at both DeWitt High School and Okemos High School, was known for her passion for life and the profession.

She was the kind of counselor who invited both students and colleagues into her heart, her office, and her home. For Maggie, this work was about people, first and foremost.

In 2007, Christopher Tremblay, Assistant Vice Chancellor at the University of Michigan – Dearborn, donated funds to establish the Maggie Miller Scholarship through MACAC to honor Maggie's contributions to our field. Maggie passed away in November 2008.

Read the attached "Maggie's Story".
Read Maggie's obituary - attached.

Kimberly Bryant, Chair
University of Michigan

MACAC 2015 Scholarship Application

MACAC is a professional organization whose purpose is bringing together high school guidance counselors
and college admissions officers. Our goal is to promote effective and ethical programs for the college-bound
student in Michigan.

Scholarship Eligibility:

* High School senior attending a MACAC Member high school (See attached list))
* Must attend a MACAC post-secondary institution (See attached list)
* GPA of 3.0 minimum
* Financial need may be a factor
* Citizenship, involvement in community service
* Motivation to achieve personal goals


Congratulations to the 2014 MACAC Maggie Miller Scholarship Winners!

Sebastian Aguilar
Sarah Vargas
Kiersten Wilde

Kiersten Wilde
Graduate of: West Bloomfield High School
Attending: University of Michigan

Sebastian Aguilar
Graduate of: West Michigan Aviation Academy
Attending: Grand Rapids Community College

Sarah Vargas
Graduate of: Grand River Preparatory School
Attending: Grand Rapids Community College